EVENT / 08 Apr 2016

Milan Salone 2016 – New collection


MILAN DESIGN WEEK | New collection

Creative direction : Shigeo Mashiro (Sfera)
Collaborator : Akihisa Yamamoto and Keitaro Maki

12(Tue) - 17(Sun) April 2016
11:00 - 20:00 (till 21:00 on 12 April)

Cocktail party
12(Tue) April 18:00 - 21:00

at 'SferaSenses'
via Varese 10, 20121 Milano

Sfera will showcase a new collection by collaboration with Akihisa Yamamoto and Keitaro Maki, Kyoto-based craftsmen succeeding special techniques for making sacred objects for Shinto shrines.
While craft techniques for everyday use objects have been developed for functionality and esthetics of each era in the long history, that for the religious objects have been succeeded without changing anything to keep their ritual meanings. Discover our new objects that are crafted by the techniques that can be called as the origin of Japanese crafts.


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