EVENT / 28 Sep 2017

Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2017 ‘Perception -slow green’


Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2017
Official program
'Perception -slow green'

Sfera and Green Wise will have a collaborative exhibition 'Perception -slow green' as an official program of Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2017.

As a main installation, a number of wild orchids are lit-up by Shinto ritual articles, such as mirror objects, creating a space in the dark where the audience can enjoy using their five senses to explore scent, sound, and touch. Finger foods which embody the concept of the installation will be served to the audience to enjoy using their sense of taste. Additionally, contemporary crafts that can be used as containers for wild orchids, made of ceramics, metal, wood, will be displayed. Please enjoy this combination of natural designs and handcrafts united as one.


6(Fri)-22(Sun) October 2017 11:00 - 19:00 
*Closed on Wednesdays. Due to the opening view, pend till 22pm only on 6 October.


Opening View | Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2017
6(Fri) October 2017 11:00 - 19:00 (Food installation is only between 20:00-22:00.)
Join our food installation only of the night. Foods which embody the concept of the exhibition will be served to the audience. (*No reservation, No participation fee required. )


Food coordinator
Hazuki Kajiyama

Film maker
Yohei Cogi

Candle manufacturer


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