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RIPPLE seating

About OBJECTS collection
-Collection of luxury and inspiring objects for collectors-
The quest for perfect form was what sparked Sfera’s interest in the beauty of natural materials, and inspired us to explore the shapes they can create. In the spirit of serendipity, our creative director, Shigeo Mashiro, embarked on a journey to chart the ever-changing relationships between the natural and the manmade. Our travels uncovered a rich assortment of raw materials harvested directly from the landscape, which were brought home to tool and refine. Once placed in the hands of artists and master craftsmen, they were slowly transformed into luxurious designs. The sleek objects that resulted married tradition to innovation, expressing as much about modern life as they do about the natural world.
This collection blurs the boundaries between art, craft and design, yet also erases the distinctions between the rough textures found in the natural world and the sleek surfaces characteristic of manmade shapes. Although contemporary design is seen as a break from tradition, natural materials continue to define and enhance the spaces we live in. The uses of wood and clay may be rooted in the past, but they continue to bring new expression to the modern interior. As wood grain and smooth ceramics add natural textures to the home, they integrate our lives into nature rather than isolating us from it.
The beauty and versatility of wood make it a favorite of designers and craftsmen alike, and a popular choice for Sfera’s mainline product range. But in the hands of artists, its sensuous textures, subtle colours and fine grains give pieces a unique presence that surpasses the appeal of other materials. While the brittle beauty of ceramics reminds us of our own fragile nature, we equate wood with permanence, and the ability to endure. Allowed to take shape as functional forms, nature reveals that it can create beautiful and tactile objects, combining nature and luxury in a single expression.

Design by Shigeo Mashiro (Sfera)
Year : 2014
Material : Chestnut, brass
Limited edition

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