Sfera is comprised of two entities, a Kyoto-based limited company Sfera co.,ltd. and the Milan-based Sfera s.r.l. Together they offer global services aimed at corporate clients. If you would like to find more information about us, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form here. Previous case studies of Sfera’s activities can be found here.

Wholesale orders

Sfera products can be ordered from us to be sold at retail stores. We also act as a distributor for Japanese brands, which can be purchased from us on a wholesale basis.
The latest catalogues can be downloaded here. Please contact us by filling in the form here for price lists and wholesale terms and conditions.

Interior styling and producing special orders

We offer interior styling services aimed at architects offices and property developers, using our range of tableware and furniture. We also take special orders to produce a wide range of interior products, which are tailored to the needs and specifications of stores, offices and residences.
Our strength lies in a fusion of modern design and traditional Japanese crafts. We offer coordination services using traditional craft techniques and undertake a wide range of services from producing furniture and fixtures to interior materials. By utilizing our special network of uniquely skilled craftspeople and overseeing the production with our expertise in crafts and contemporary design, we achieve quality products, which realise the customers’ ideas successfully.

Interior design

We offer a holistic interior design service for retail store owners and property developers. Our range of services include interior design, furniture and interior styling. Not only do we use our own range of products, we also use carefully selected products from overseas and Japan, including antique products, art pieces and plants. The result is a unique space that shines with originality and sophistication.
Our services can be expanded into other areas such as graphic design and uniform design upon requests. We produce collaterals such as shop cards and catalogues and staff uniform designs for shops and restaurants.

Corporate gifts

We also offer advice and suggestions for those in need of creating corporate gifts. We pick the right products with heart felt messages that will be appreciated for years to come. Feel free to ask us for any custom order enquiries.

Design consulting and project management

Our company goes beyond the Sfera brand and functions as a creative studio offering support for projects on a global scale. Our services range from art direction and project management to international coordination services connecting Japan and overseas, tailoring the right services to the needs of individual projects.

For more information, please contact Sfera Studio.